Now’s The Time to Order Holiday Gifts

  • Oct 5, 2021

The fall season is upon us. As the days grow shorter and the weather becomes cooler, our thoughts turn to the upcoming holidays. While Christmas seems months away, there’s a good reason to start planning now. Why plan now? Because this year is going to be different.

This Christmas, the Who living in Who-ville are not the only ones who should be worried about the Grinch. You remember the grouchy creature who attempted to end Christmas in the famous book by Dr. Seuss. Well, this year, he’s back.

The reason the Grinch tried to steal Christmas is unclear. According to Dr. Seuss:

“It could be his head wasn’t screwed on just right.

It could be, perhaps, that his shoes were too tight.

But I think the most likely reason of all

May have been that his heart was two sizes too small.”

This year, the reason for an unhappy Christmas will have nothing to do with ill-fitting shoes or the size of the Grinch’s heart. This year, you’ll find the Grinch doing his dirty work in factories worldwide including those right here in the United States. The Grinch is also active at ports, warehouses, and distribution centers around the globe.

This Christmas, you may be looking to buy:

“Pop guns, bicycles, roller skates, drums, 

checkerboards, tricycles, popcorn, and plums.”

But you can’t purchase these items, or any others, because they’re sitting in cargo containers on a ship off the coast of Los Angeles.

Once the cargo containers are off the ships and placed onto trains and trucks, they’ll be shipped around the country. Eventually, their contents will be set onto store shelves for consumers to buy. Yet, here, too, you’ll find the Grinch hard at work trying to prevent Christmas from coming.

The impact of the Grinch on the global supply chain is tremendous. From material shortages to labor shortages, it’s imperative to understand that this Christmas will be like none other.

Whether you’re looking to buy gifts for friends and loved ones or branded gifts for employees and clients,

Don’t let the Grinch

steal your Christmas this year,

plan ahead, buy early,

and be of good cheer.


Delicious Holiday Gifts

Ohana Brand Promos has many delightful and useful gifts that your employees and clients will be happy to receive this holiday season. For example, our Custom Candy Box with a 6-way insert makes a great holiday corporate gourmet food gift. Give your clients a memorable holiday “Thank you,” while promoting your brand on this branded custom embellished box. Filling options include corporate color jelly beans, peanut butter cups, sea salt caramels, turtles, and almond butter crunch.

Another holiday favorite is our chocolate lovers 19 piece assortment gift box. The box contains your personalized 3 x 5-inch chocolate bar surrounded by chocolate squares decorated with your logo or artwork. This gift box makes a great office Thank You, Client Appreciation, or Corporate Events gift.

If you’re looking for a gift box with more variety, our Ohana Brand Promos’ Snowflake Tower of Sweets is what you’re looking for. This delightful tower provides your palate with a myriad of flavors. From sweet and spicy cinnamon churro toffee to lightly-salted extra fancy jumbo cashews and beyond, this collection of unique sweets and treats is one that every recipient will treasure. The gorgeous snowflake boxes containing all this goodness are wrapped with ribbon foil-stamped with your logo for an elegant final touch. 


Useful Holiday Gifts

As the weather cools off, your employees and clients will enjoy gifts that keep them warm and comfy. Our Ohana Brand Promos’ Reversible Waffle Blanket with a leatherette branded patch is a great gift to keep them warm. This blanket is the perfect gift whether used to cozy up with a good book or stay warm at a college or professional football game.

Help your employees and clients stay warm on the inside with our Ohana Brand 16 oz. Thermos® Stainless King™ Food Jar. This jar lets you take the food you love anywhere. For your favorite hot soups or oatmeal, every sip stays piping hot for up to 9 hours. Keep fresh fruit and vegetables cool for up to 14 hours while you take on the day. Your options are endless. Count on Thermos™ vacuum insulation to keep the weather out and the delicious in. It’s easy to fill, easy to clean, and comes crowned with a built-in serving bowl lid.

If you’re looking for a gift that’s non-food-related, our UVClean Wand is a perfect choice. When you’re out-and-about in public, the UVClean Wand is a portable UV-C light that can be used to sterilize small devices, door handles, cutlery, etc. Like sunlight in your pocket, the built-in Ultraviolet Light uses short-wavelength (UV-C) light to kill or inactivate microorganisms, so you can sterilize on the go. The UVClean Wand features a 400mAh battery and can be recharged using the included micro USB cable.

Whether you’re looking for delicious, practical, or fun gifts for your employees and clients this holiday season, Ohana Brand Promos has the products you need.


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